A group of partners with ideas, ambition, a keen interest, and years of experience in the material handling industry formed a company in Ahmedabad.

They aimed to design and deliver products that would compare with the best in the world using the latest technology. Techno Industries was founded based on this objective.

Mr. Atul N. Choksi

He is the founding member of the company with about 50 years of experience in managing the company.

Mr. Nirag A. Choksi

His degree in mechanical engineering helps him to provide the best quality of material handling solutions continuously. Also, he has more than 20 years of experience in this field.

He performs the most complex technical tasks, which are broad in scope and require the application of fundamental concepts of this industry.
Having years of experience in managing the company along with Mr. Atul Choksi, and has dealt with several corporate and government sectors.

Mr. Aman A. Choksi

He is an M.B.A. and is in charge of managing business relationships with key suppliers and ensuring that products and services meet standards of quality and cost-effectiveness.
Also, he provides safe and timely delivery of the orders to meet the highest expectancy levels of customers.