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Double Girder EOT Crane

Product Overview

    Double Girder EOT Cranes are designed with adequate safety factors, in accordance to duty classification as per IS-3177 & IS-4137. EOT Cranes are classified in different types mainly Single Girder Cranes or Double Girder Cranes. Available in the capacities of 0.5 Ton to 500 Ton.
    We understand customer’s requirements and make sure to satisfy them by offering Single Girder Cranes or Double Girder Cranes.
    Double Girder EOT Crane Specifications:
    • The structural parts of the Overhead Bridge Cranes are designed and manufactured as per IS-807.
    • These types of Double Girder EOT Cranes are used for heavier loads and longer spans.
    • These EOT Cranes are widely used in various applications like transporters, trenches, erection of bulky equipment, shifting of heavy loads, mine quarries, heavy fabrication units and others.
    • They offer the advantages of low headroom as the hook can be lifted up between the girders.
    • All components are carefully selected for 'Crane duty' applications.
    Please check our Double Girder Cranes Video, Click here...

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  • Anti Collision Devices
    Anti Collision Devic
  • Bottom Hook
    Bottom Hook
  • C Rail - Festoon Systems
    C Rail - Festoon Sys
  • Crab for E.O.T. Crane
    Crab for E.O.T. Cran
  • Crane Pulleys and Sheaves
    Crane Pulleys and Sh
  • DSL Box type Shrouded Systems
    DSL Box type Shroude
  • End Carriages for crane
    End Carriages for cr
  • Gear Couplings
    Gear Couplings
  • Gearbox for crane
    Gearbox for crane
  • Master Cam Controllers
    Master Cam Controlle
  • Push Buttons
    Push Buttons
  • Radio Remote Controls
    Radio Remote Control
  • Rail Clamps
    Rail Clamps
  • Resistance Boxes
    Resistance Boxes
  • Rotary Limit Switches
    Rotary Limit Switche
  • Wheel Blocks for Cranes
    Wheel Blocks for Cra
  • Wire Rope Slings
    Wire Rope Slings

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