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Electric Chain Hoists

Product Overview

    The Electric Chain Hoists from the "TACKLERS” brand are offered in 6 capacities ranging from 0.25 Ton to 5 Ton. Electric Chain Hoist comprises of compact aluminum Alloys cast body. 
    • The Slip Ring Clutch is provided for assured safety.
    • The Hoist is coated with high Gloss, anti-corrosive coated finish to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the product.
    • Also inbuilt Control Panel and an ergonomically designed pendant control for better handling and efficient usage.
    • A swiveling bottom hook which provides free rotation during handling of loads.
    • The Gears and Load Chain Wheel made from precision-machined and case-hardened alloy steel ensures long life and noiseless operation.
    • Gears are made out of Nickel-Chrome alloy steel, duly hobbed and hardened. A wide surface of Gears ensures a long life.
    • There are totally enclosed squirrel-cage induction Motors, specially made for hoist duty with high starting torque and suitable for frequent starts / stops.
    • The heavy duty Electro-Magnetic Disc type fail, safe A.C. / D.C. Brakes are provided.
    Electric Chain Hoists Range:
    • 250kg electric chain hoist
    • 500kg electric chain hoist
    • 1 Ton Chain Hoist Electric
    • 2 Ton Electric Hoist (2 Ton Chain Hoist)


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